Council fail to do fire audit on 'death trap' flats

In 2002 an investigation into the deaths of two young children at the Bride Street/Ross Road flats in Dublin recommended that a fire safety audit be carried out by the council. Nearly four years on the audit has not been completed. Emma Browne reports

Medical council confronts the horror of what happened at Loudres Hospital

The Medical Council has acted wisely in asking its Fitness to Practice Committee to review the professional conduct of the three Dublin obstetricians, who said in 1998 that Michael Neary, the Drogheda obstetrician, had no case to answer. This was the obstetrician who had subjected 129 women to caesarean hysterectomonies, a great many of them unnecessarily. The cases of Michael Nearly which the Dublin obstetricians reviewed were subsequently reviewed by a noted British obstetrician, who was appalled by what the cases revealed.

No reasons to believe Lourdes hospital horrors not going on elsewhere

There are a few startling observations in Maureen Harding Clarke's superb report on her inquiry in peripartum hysterectomy at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda. On page 23 of her report she quotes a sister of the Medical Missionaries of Mary (“Sr B”) as saying: “Let me say that I was aware that hysterectomies were done in Ireland more often than was necessary because sterilisation was ethically not acceptable”.

Parties united on swift 'magic' mushroom ban

  • 15 February 2006
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The knee-jerk ban on the sale or possession of mushrooms containing psilocybin has been backed by five of the six major parties in the Dáil, despite none having any evidence to support their stance. Peter McGuire reports

Hounding depression

The Black Dog is an Irish interactive self-help website for men coping with mental distress. It is a confidential, independent, non-judgmental place to browse, let off steam and get support. John Higgins talks to Steven Winder, aka Barry Golightly, co-founder of the website

More promises on mental health

A new national mental health policy document, 'A Vision for Change', has just been released by the Department of Health and Children. But is this just another agenda of commitments again to be broken? By Siobhan Barry