Cigarette Smoke gets in your lungs

Action to protect the public against the damage done to so many of them by cigarette smoking would have more effect upon public health than anything else that could now be done in the whole field of preventive medicine." So begins the latest report on smoking from the Royal College of Physicians, a report which contains nothing to brighhten the rapidly shortening lives of the world's smokers.

Quiz: your life expectancy

HOW TO STAY alive can be a depressing business. You can jog to your heart's content, eat plenty of fibre to keep you motile, avoid polyunsaturated fats etc. All good things to do but they may be of no use.

Fitness in plush surroundings

HEALTH STUDIOS offer the opportunity to achieve physiical fitness in plush surroundings under expert guidance. Of course, the task of shedding those extra pounds and firming sagging muscles will still involve a certain amount of hard labour but with facilities like saunas, solariums and massage available on the premises; health gyms succeed to some extent in sugaring the pill.

HEALTH - Anyone for jogging?

  • 1 December 1977
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IN SPITE OF the huge advances in medical science in this century life expectancy, for those who reach the age of forty has not increased at all. According to Dr. Noel Hickey of the Department of Preventive Medicine at UCD. this is because of changes in behaviour patterns. He cites in particular the things we eat and the fact that most of us take a lot less exercise. Even without any obvious excesses, like overwork or heavy drinking, the average modern lifestyle is a health hazard. Most people are slowly, inexorably, killing themselves.  By Eamon Dunphy.