What the political parties say about childcare

  • 9 November 2005
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Fianna Fáil has not revealed its hand as yet on the childcare issue – this, presumably, will be done in the forthcoming Budget. The party states that the Government will continue to support parents by providing more child benefit, more childcare places in every county and by investing in early education.

Childcare on their minds

When it comes to childcare, Ireland is a half-century behind other developed countries, and the issue is set to be a major one at the next General Election. The political parties are now vying with each other to rectify the State's huge neglect in this area

The scale of child sexual abuse

Before 2002, sexual abuse figures available in Ireland were based on only the numbers seeking counselling or reporting sexual abuse to gardaí. But SAVI (Sexual Abuse and Violence in Ireland ) revealed the true extent of abuse

Child Rape Crisis

A shocking report was published three-and-a-half years ago revealing the scale of child sexual abuse. In the meantime the Government has failed to implement the key recommendations of that report and are still stalling. By Emma Browne, Sara Burke and Vincent Browne

The Irish thing

  • 12 October 2005
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Dr Garry Fitzgerald: Ireland has a drink problem, what does it mean for our population

Not another superpower

  • 5 October 2005
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Where is Europe going today? asks Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin. What are the signs of hope? Which are the signs which should cause us concern? On what principles will the Europe of the future base its values? What will be the contribution of faith and of men and women of faith to the construction of those values?

Disability Bill doesn't give me rights I deserve

The past few months have been personally fulfilling as I discovered the meaning of independence. For the first time in my life, I have 100 per cent of the decision-making power. In the past, other people played a role in determining what I did, when I did it and how I did it. The provision of a personal assistant has given me this autonomy. I just completed a BA degree and I plan to start an LLB degree in September at NUI, Galway. My interest in the law stems largely from a desire to ensure that rights and privileges of people with disabilities have a clear expression in Irish law.