Life Irish-style now – Celtic Tiger and all

It's raining a lot in Ireland these days. Maybe it's telling us that life in other ways is not as shiny new and full of promise as some might say it is.


The propaganda machines of the state and of those that have lots will say we are living the good life and we are in heaven on earth. Most likely we are in a plastic bubble, where we are conned, used and abused in every way that life and mankind can think of.


There are the good sides to life in Ireland, I am sure. However, it's false. The price of this plastic life is seen on the barometer of life as statistics of crime, despair, immorality, heavy drug use and supply, and social chaos abound. We are being brainwashed to the point of no return, I believe.


The human being counts less and less each day. The vision is blurred and the innocent and weakest suffer in a more sophisticated way not always that obvious or public. The youth are nothing more than pawns and playthings of this faster, more furious and sneakier world of the fly-by-night operator. Life is free and easy with the big cost to come later.


Stabbings, shootings and vile deeds of all kinds are the order of the day. The police/garda, clergy, financial institutions, and other state institutions are highly suspect. With a lot of good being done by all of those comes a more hidden and sinister wave of cleverly designed bad deeds. Fear and paralysis ride higher than peace, respect and personal safety.


While our leaders are being hailed as gods with vision and intelligence, the little world of Ireland is secretly imploding. The drug situation is way out of hand as our talking shops keep talking. Where to next, and what next? Get me to another planet now, fearful citizen.


-From a more than concerned person