For Whom the Bridge Tolls

From a study in his Blackrock, Co. Dublin, home, Tom Roche directs multi-million projects as if it were the most natural thing in the world. There is a traffic problem in Dublin, so Roche decided to build a bridge.

O'Dwyer's Kingdom

It is a wet and windy September evening in an almost deserted Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney. In the centre of the pitch twenty players stand in a circle around one man. That man is Mick O'Dwyer, arguably the most successful GAA team,trainer ever, and the players gathered around him are the Kerry football team, four times All Ireland Champions and arguably the best football team in GAA history.


The Long and Winding Road

People are doing it everywhere in the quiet recesses of university campuses, along country roads and lovers lanes, in the hills and the  lowlands, they are at it. Jogging is the name of the game and currently there is a veritable outbreak of urbanites purging themselves of the unwanted calories of a sedentary work style in an orgy of strained calf muscles, sore knees and blistered feet.

IDA - The Chips are Down

The decision by Fujitsu of Japan to base its European micro-chip manufacturing venture in Ireland has put the IDA on the spot. With two of the world's leading chip makers Mostek and Fujitsu - established in Ireland, the Industrial Development Authority will now have to really concentrate on encouraging the down stream activities, the spin-off from the import of overseas electronics.  Brian Donaghy has more.

Sundays, Bloody Sundays

The advent of The Sunday Tribune promises a newspaper battle which can only be of benefit to the bored Sunday reader. Vincent Browne has more.

The Scandal of the Mental Hospitals

Over 14,000 people, more than the population of Kilkenny, live in mental hospitals in Ireland. Most of them live in conditions of squalor and dilapidation utterly inadequate for their therapeutic needs. And because of deliberate Government action these conditions are now going to worsen. Helen Connolly reports on the dire state of Ireland's mental health facilities.

The Knowledge Industry

Almost as soon as they touch ground - and they do that at the rate of one or two a week - prospective investors in electronics manufacturing are taken on a tour of educational and training facilities. Brian Trench on high -tech industry in Ireland.


I    Apocalypse AvertedAt 9.30 on the morning of Saturday, 19th April, this year, a car containing five armed and masked men, drew up outside the home of a farmer, not far from the South Armagh village of Crossmaglen. The men got out of the car and went into the house where the farmer and his family were just finishing breakfast.

Eamon Coghlan - What Went Wrong in Moscow?

"The race went perfect for me, I was always where I wanted to be, and even at the bell I thought that I was going to win. My strongest point as a runner is usually my ability to kick at the end of a race, but in the last lap of the 5,000 metres I just dragged. I gave it everything but I had nothing left… I guess I just wasn't destined to win."

A Cross of Wasted Suffering; The Peace People at War

On the day that Anne Maguire cut her own throat with an electric carving knife, January 18, 1980, her sister Mairead Corrigan was in her flat on the Cavehill Road, preparing for a three day trip to Cambodia, where she hoped to join Joan Baez and others in a symbolic march, bringing food supplies to refugees. She had that morning received her injections. A priest telephoned her around four in the afternoon to tell her of Anne's death. She went to the Maguire household.