When the Spanish referee, Augusto Lama-Castillo, disallowed Ireland's equalizer in Paris, not only may he have been guilty of a questionable bias in his refereeing, but he may also have burst the bubble of a now recurrent Irish dream, writes Paddy Agnew.

The Woods cover-up

Replying to the Magill expose of the state of mental hospitals the Minister for Health, Dr. Michael Woods, stated in the course of a written answer in the Dail on November 12, that a number of hospitals had been successfully adapted and renovated and provided a service of "the highest quality" but that "significantly, perhaps" none of these featured in the Magill investigation.

National Women's Forum Report

Ten years ago, when the Commission for the Status of Women was formed, there was no equal pay legislation, no availability of contraceptives, glaring inequities in social welfare payments, no social welfare payments at all for unwed mothers or single uninsured young women, different pay scales for men and women in many jobs, as well as marriage bars used to discriminate against married women joining the workforce.


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A Jockey for Position

Lester Piggott and Vincent O'Brien have finally decided to go their separate ways. It is the way of racing that jockey/trainer partnerships, not unlike manager/club relationships in soccer, tend to flourish when the team is winning and tend to break up when the partnership hits a losing spell. So then what is so special about this particular break-up?

The complacency of Dr Woods and the dilapidation of St Brendan's

During a radio interview on Wednesday, October 15, the Minister for Health, Dr. Woods, stated that many of the photographs published in the October issue of Magill depicting the state of mental hospitals were of a building in St. Brendan's Hospital, Grangegorman, Dublin, and that this building had since been evacuated. The point of his remarks was to suggest that we have exaggerated the condition of mental hospitals and of St. Brendan's in particular.



When Sexual Politics was published in 1969, Kate Millett provided a backbone of theory to the emerging feminist movement in the United States. She analysed the whole social fabric and human behaviour in terms of the effects of long established patriarchy. Since then she has written several other books and been involved in several civil rights movement~ throughout the world.


The Great Full-Back Crisis

Most of my readers will probably be too young to remember the archetypal spiv as portrayed by Arthur English, with a square-shouldered, light fawn overcoat stretching way below his knees, with a cigarette drooping from underneath a pencil thin moustache, and with sharp, beady eyes glittering under a wide-brimmed, soft felt hat. John Reason.

No Conclusions Drawn

It doesn't feel like an international at all", announced Tony Ward to his room-mate John Robbie in their Shelbourne Hotel bedroom on the night before the Ireland v Romania game. Ward was referring with some bemusement to the fact that each time he came across one of the Romanians in the hotel, he was greeted with much polite, pidgin English and smiles. Normally there is an unspoken understanding between the two teams to ignore each other until after the match. By Paddy Agnew.