Texts and emails, Thursday 6 May

Topic: The British general election

Panellists: Richard Aldous (UCD), Michael Marsh (TCD) and Eoin O'Malley (DCU)

sent to Rte news. cnn tv say drop in u.s. finance markets due to p/g error. Also report greek police say there were 17,000 protesters (9pm) headlines have rte now got embeded news people or under the bed. We pay your licience dont treat us like gombeens (rte showed small section of protesters) 

Md, Wicklow


Vincent why are u bothering with the british election. If it was ours they wouldn't even give it a mention. Ur becoming just like the brit lovers in r.t.e.


Well it proves that the Leaders Debates were just personality based and that policies are more important. ALSO, perhaps the electorate heard the hints that the Lib Dems ''favoured'' bedding down with Lab, is the reason that they didnt do as well as polls predicted. 



Like 3 main parties in ireland,there is no main difference between 3 main parties in britain. there only concern is to manage capitalism not to abolish it. 

Kieran McNulty, Tralee


Were Would-be voters turned away as stations couldn't cope w volume? Incl L'pool marginal Wavertree & Nic Clegg's ward? If so, then how democratic is this?


Given the focus this country has on the british election you'd think we were still part of britain. Or maybe we're jealous.

Vincent,I didnt know Bertie knew so much about the British Electoral System. 

Kieran, Wexford


Vincent, the UK election is all very well - but what the Real Government - the 300 plus attending the Trilateral Commission meeting at the Four Seasons, in Ballsbridge from May 4 - 10...... maybe you will do a program on them.... (oh it's a secret and the Media are Not Allowed to report... just you try... see how far yoou get...) 

Des, Dublin.