BudgetJam budget day 'teach-ins'

As part of BudgetJam 2010 lecturers and students at several third-level colleges staged Budget Day “teach-ins” at campus bank branches in protest at the banks’ role in the economic crisis.

Protesters gave short lectures and answered questions about the relationship between banks’ reckless lending during the Celtic Tiger years and the latest Budget austerity measures -- including the increase in fees for third-level students.

On Shane Donnelly and Moyle Park

BudgetJammer Gavan Titley has written to the Moyle Park College Board of Mangement expressing his disquiet at the potential expulsion of student Shane Donnelly for his part in leading a walkout from the school in protest at the budget. It's pasted below.

'You. Me. Everybody.'

In the weeks leading up to the budget, as the IMF were descending upon us to 'talk' and the plans were being laid out to widen the gap between rich and poor, 120 billboards ran across the country which fitted perfectly into the government rhetoric of the moment. They read 'You. Me. Everybody. We're all just grown up embryos.' By Angela Nagle

Activism 3.0

(This article originally appeared on RedPepper.org)

Protests are increasingly appearing on the internet in real time in a myriad of ways. Adam Waldron takes a look at the smartphone applications that every activist needs

A View from Abroad

I am not Irish. I live in Canada. I do research in Ireland and I have many friends and colleagues here, so I have been following closely the current political and economic situation. I am not directly affected by the terms of the latest austerity budget, and thus, I don't have the vested interest in its outcome that most readers of this blog do. Nevertheless, I write this intentionally as an outsider, to share one outsider's perspective.

On the ground resistance

This will be a week of protests so to help you organise your calendar we've collected a list of events below. We'll be updating it throughout the week, so if we've left anything out please mail us - budgetjam@gmail.com - with details.





We need less consensus, not more

In a conversation on television last week a journalist from a daily newspaper emphasised the importance of getting this budget passed. By Stephen Kelly

It did not matter what "rogue leftists" were saying, the main parties in the Dáil had to get behind this budget because the eyes of the world were on us and there was no realistic alternative plan. I could continue, but I'm sure we are all familiar with the meme by now.