Protests and Events

Shell to Sea Dublin: Launch of €540 billion election note
When: Tomorrow, 12 February at 14.00
Where: Top of Grafton Street

Student Nurses and Midwives protest against paycuts
When: Wednesday, 16 February at 11.30
Where: Departing from Parnell Square heading to the Department of Health

Commitment on Fees protest FG HQ
When: Wednesday, 16 February 16.00
Where: Fine Gael HQ, 51 Mount St Dublin

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The election campaign has now begun in earnest, and the performers have shuffled on stage and begun their well-rehearsed hymn to hopeychange. But Patrick Barry finds them woefully out of tune.

Shadowboxing in the halls of power

In a week that saw Brian Cowen stomp angrily from studio to studio, mouth afroth, horns lowered and tail swishing dangerously, Patrick Barry wonders if our home-grown Rageguy might be less a slave to his own passions, and more a skilled and expert manipulator furious with a purpose.

Welcome to CrisisJam

Welcome to CrisisJam

As the prolonged period of economic boom came to a close, it might have been anticipated that there would be an opening up of public discourse in Ireland, that space would become available for new ideas and fresh thinking. In reality, of course, the opposite has proved to be the case. The Irish political establishment continues to peddle those ideas and to pursue those policies that plunged us into crisis in the first place. This poverty of word and deed is more often than not echoed in the compliance of the corporate media.

Protest against minimum wage cuts at the Dáil

A small but vocal crowd of protestors gathered outside the Dáil yesterday to both protest against a cut to the minimum wage and to present a petition against the same cut to TDs. Representatives of all the opposition parties were present at the protest.

Minimum wage worker Miranda Egan Stanley addressed the assembled crowd, saying, ‘As a minimum wage worker, I already struggle as it is and I don’t know how I’m expected to survive if my minimum wage is cut by one euro. If this proposal goes through we will not be able to survive and will be forced to get assistance from the social welfare.