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Westaston Estate at Kilmacurragh

The Westaston Estate at Kilmacurragh was owned for almost three centuries by the Acton family. They developed parklands in the Victorian era and planted an arboretum. That is now the main attraction at Kilmacurragh, managed for the OPW by the National Botanic Gardens.

Birds: Great Northern Diver (Lóma Mór), Gavia immer

A large seabird, around 85cm in length, the Great Northern Diver is a widespread winter visitor to the Irish coast. It is usually only to be found on the sea, though often not too far from the shore, and can sometimes be seen from piers and jetties.

Moth the hell?

  • 11 October 2006
  • test

Éanna Ní Lamhna explains the mystery of the massive hawk moth

Walks: Kindlestown Wood, Greystones, Co Wicklow

East of the Glen of the Downs near Delgany, Kindlestown Wood is a public amenity. Because of inadequate signposts, we got lost on the way. Negative reactions to our enquiries for directions showed that many locals do not know about the wood.

Nature: Choking the oak

Our lovely autumnal oaks are being invaded by an ugly, sticky growth. There's only one course of action, says Éanna Ní Lamhna

21st-century Shakepeare

Nicky Gogan on 4D Art's innovative version of Shakespeare's The Tempest, showing as part of Dublin Theatre Festival, in which many of the parts are played by virtual actors

Birds: Red Grouse (Cearc fhraoigh, Lagopus lagopus)

A traditional quarry species for hunters, the Red Grouse is known to many by name if not by appearance. Confined to heather moorland and upland bogs, the Irish population has been declining recently, and hunting has been strictly limited. Whether this will enable the species to recover in this country remains to be seen, but it is still a widespread, if scarce, resident throughout.