Cinema: Culture clash

Borat, with his naïve bluntness, coaxes unsuspecting Americans into revealing their true colours and the spotlight is on London's Jewish community as one boy struggles towards manhood in Sixty-Six. By Declan Burke

When in doubt, tell the truth

  • 25 October 2006
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Colin Murphy speaks to Oscarwinning writer John Patrick Shanley, whose play Doubt: A Parable is currently running at the Abbey

Cinema: Trading places

Russell Crowe has to choose between a chaotic life trading on the London stock exchange and lounging at his uncle's villa in Provence in A Good Year, while in Step Up a troublemaker gets to dance her way into happiness. By Declan Burke

Style over substance

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette lacks any real depth but the film is still a triumph and the less said about The Guardian the better. By Declan Burke


  • 11 October 2006
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An exhibition of work by recent graduates at the RHA certainly works its magic on Billy Leahy


  • 11 October 2006
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Colin Murphy on The Empress of India and The Exonerated

A bonfire

  • 4 October 2006
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Colin Murphy on Festen and The Bonefire, both playing as part of Dublin Theatre Festival

Cinema: Facing your demons

The Devil Wears Prada shows a world of excess that is surprisingly alluring while down south, Heart of Gold shows that this Neil Young's down-home twang will never go out of style, says Declan Burke

Beauty - as simple as that

  • 4 October 2006
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Photographer Robert Adams' latest exhibition at the Douglas Hyde gallery charts the uneasy relationship between man and nature. By Billy Leahy