Moving stills

Internationally acclaimed Irish artist James Coleman is probably best known for his slide-tape works, whereby he investigates the “psychological, social and historic conditioning of perception”.

For whom the bell tolls

Immortalised in the photography of Robert Capa, the literature of Hemingway and Dali's art, the Spanish Civil War was a turning point in Europe's troubled history. The Instituto Cervantes in Dublin is currently exhibiting a selection of posters from that period sourced from the Pablo Iglesias Foundation Collection.

Familial fare in County Mayo

Flanney's Bistro markets itself well — almost everything about it is enticing: the bright, attractive fascade on Ballinrobe's village square, the hearty menu by the entrance, the charming front bar that greets patrons upon entry, the warm, homely interior.

Travel industry blossoms in gale of recession

The travel industry seems immune to oil price hikes, general economic gloom, recessionary fears and consumer caution.
There are 1.1m package holidays on the market place this summer and the expectation in the industry is that all of them will be sold.  Ten different European cities will get more than 100,000 Irish citybreak customers this year.

Irish designs on the Catwalk

Paris, Milan, New York and London, the fashion capitals of the world. Every year fashionistas pencil into their diaries the all important fashion weeks in each of these cities where they can get a glimpse of the coming season's key trends.

Graduate Exhibition

Irish art and visual media students have sometimes been criticised for their lack of ingenuity and a perceived weakness in the visual mediums in comparison to their continental European counterparts. (We are after all a nation of story tellers.)  The current exhibition at Lemonstreet Gallery of works produced by students of NCAD, IDAT Dun Laoghaire and DIT blows this theory apart.

Hollywood or bust

With Aer Lingus cutting their flights to LA in November the time to mingle with the stars is now. By Eoghan Corry

McPherson's masterful return to form

The characters in Tony award-winning play The Seafarer are familiar ones; the ones who wait for early houses to open, who cradle a pint in solitude, who avoid the missus, avoid reality and lament opportunities lost. So when the desolate loneliness and drunken companionship of four men is shared over a card game with the devil on Christmas Eve, a story unfolds of chances given and chances taken.  Each has a skeleton in their closet, and each character holds that story, like their cards: close.

Shutter and Casandra's dream

Another misguided attempt to re-make an Asian horror film, Shutter centres on newly-weds Ben (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachel Taylor) who move to Tokyo for Ben's job as a photographer.