Weaving a gentle magic

  • 29 November 2006
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Dermot Bolger's The Townlands of Brazil, which explores social change in Ireland, and Ballymun in particular, has a fervent emotional core that is truly invigorating, says Colin Murphy

Flushing out the demons

Will Ferrell struggles to get rid of the homicidal voice in his head and a bunch of rats fight to save their species from extinction. By Declan Burke

Theatre: Soup or splendour?

  • 22 November 2006
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Colin Murphy enjoys the simplicity of the lunchtime play at Bewley's Cafe Theatre before heading to André Previn's production of Tennessee Williams' Streetcar for the whole opera shebang.

Cinema: Magic and mayhem

Pan's Labyrinth explores the inherent darkness that lies behind every fairytale, while Jackass Number Two is... well, the answer is in the title. By Declan Burke

Theatre: Longing for Love

  • 15 November 2006
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A clever but strained production, Cyrano is saved by its final act when the script finds its voice and we realise it's all about love, writes Colin Murphy

Cinema: challenging times

Despite a great performance by Daniel Craig and its exciting action scenes, Casino Royale fails to deliver anything different from previous Bond movies. Starter for Ten, meanwhile, is cheesy but likeable, says Declan Burke

Ken Loach's film continues to inflate historical debate

  • 8 November 2006
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Criticism that The Wind that Shakes the Barley failed to show IRA sectarianism towards Protestants is misplaced, writes Niall Meehan, as records of the time show that they were persecuted not by republicans but by the police

Theatre: Work in progress

  • 8 November 2006
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Colin Murphy is unsatisfied with but nonetheless intrigued by Timon of Athens, a play performed by professional actors and members of the homeless community

Cinema: The illusion of greatness

Christopher Nolan's The Prestige is a lesson in filmmaking with its lean structure, brilliant performances and expert direction. John Boorman's The Tiger's Tale, on the other hand, seemed to tick all the boxes but failed to deliver. By Declan Burke

Theatre: A dubious success

  • 1 November 2006
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Doubt is missing the old-fashioned acting that the play needs but it is still a success, says Colin Murphy