Fritz Lang's Metropolis screened in the National Gallery with live score by 3epkano

A Dublin Film Festival Gala event was sceened in the lavish setting of the Shaw room in the National Gallery on 22 Feburary to a capacity crowd. A backdrop of chandeliers and giant paintings set the mood for one of the most epic science fiction movies of all time, Fritz Lang's 1926 silent movie, 'Metropolis'. The screening was accompanied by an original score, composed and performed live by 3epkano (prounced threpkano) .

Review of Old Joy

With interest piqued by the presence of almost legendary musician Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy / Palace / Palace Music), Old Joy attracts more attention than most low budget indie films. By Tom Rowe.

Christmas in Dublin once again

Conor McPherson's play, 'A Dublin Carol' captures the life and struggles of an alcoholic in an all too knowledgable manner. By Tom Rowe

Written in 1999, 'A Dublin Carol' is set in a shoddy undertaker's office on Christmas Eve, staffed by the equally shoddy main character John Plunkett. Played by veteran actor of stage and screen Liam Carney, John is a long-term alcoholic, struggling to hold himself and his job together until he finds another drink.

Pilbro's existential art exibitition

'Paradise: Lost and Found', an exhibition of new works by Anthony Pilbro will open in Alternative Entertainments Gallery at The Civic, Tallaght on Friday 2nd February 2007 from 5.30 – 7.30pm, to be opened by Orla Scannell, Arts Officers, South Dublin County Council.

Theatre: Looking back from miles away

  • 17 January 2007
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Look Back in Anger was a searing endictment of Britain and British theatre when it was first staged the 1950s. It is still significant, if dated, today, says Colin Murphy

Cinema: Struggling to be heard

With three concurrent stories happening on three continents, Babel explores the limits of human endurance while over in Philly, Rocky proves that he still has what it takes. By Declan Burke

Old fashioned values

The Pursuit of Happyness is a vintage Hollywood tale of achieving the American dream through hard work, while vintage director Robert Altman's last movie has many of his trademark quirks, but is ultimately dull and meandering. By Declan Burke