The real corruption

The tribunals have revealed evidence of corruption by councillors and senior politicians on a scale unimaginable 15 years ago, with almost all of those implicated or accused being associated with Fianna Fáil. But the real scandal of Irish public life is the scale of poverty and inequality at a time of such spectacular wealth, the massive waste of public funds and the avoidance of real social issues.

Being Bertie

Exclusive interview with the Taoiseach by Katie Hannon

What Bertie's peers really think of him

Plus commentary by Vincent Browne 

Alot done, but alot more to do

He is a magnet for controversy, argument and media attention. He is a divisive figure even within his own party. He has dominated the period of this government's terms of office, even more so since he became Tániste six months ago. Vincent Browne and Emma Browne contribute critical evaluations of his policies and stances in the first of Village's special editions for Election 2007

The ego has landed

In an exclusive extract from his book Showtime or Substance, Noel Whelan writes about Michael McDowell and the PDs.

Eat the Greens

The Green Party in government would make a difference. But are they too politically naive to get there? By Vincent Browne

McDowell's 'blatant electioneering' backfires

A claim made by Táiniste Michael McDowell that plans for an incinerator in his local constituency of Dublin South East had ‘collapsed' has been refuted by Dublin City Council (DCC) and An Bord Pleanála, and dismissed by fellow constituency candidates as irresponsible, misleading and 'blatant electioneering'. (Picture: An Phoblacht)