Eoghan Harris and payback time

That a media commentator should be so publicly rewarded for this abandonment of the media's critical function in holding a Taoiseach to account is itself a corruption.

Communist Party seeks left unity

The Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) has requested a meeting among political parties following the general election in order to the "evaluate the political situation and see what areas of cooperation [can] be built" in terms of left unity.

The dangerous game of tax competition

Ireland's economic success is partly due to our low corporate tax rate, which attracted multinationals, making Ireland the most profitable global location for US firms. But wages and costs have increased in Ireland and corporations are looking elsewhere.

Speech of the month

Jackie Healy-Rae speaking in the Dáil on 14 June on the nomination of Bertie Ahern as Taoiseach and following the election of fellow South Kerry TD and constituency rival, John O'Donoghue as Ceann Comhairle.

Greens and Leaders

The Green Party is uneasy with the idea of ‘leaders' and certainly with the consolidation of ‘leadership' status and ministerial office.

Beverley: Gambling on libel

Had she not sued RTÉ, Beverley Flynn would probably be a cabinet minister by now. Her involvement in the NIB tax fraud would have been brushed off.