Government criticised over Barr inaction

  • 18 October 2006
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Despite two 'seiges' since the Barr report on John Carthy's death at Abbeylara was published in July, the government has no plans to discuss it in the Dáil. By Justine McCarthy

Damaging to Fianna Fáil, fatal to the PDs

Michael McDowell has dealt what may transpire to be a death blow to the Progressive Democrats by his conduct over the Bertie Ahern payments saga. On Wednesday 27 September, he gave Ahern a clean bill of rectitude. He said: "I think it fair to say in the light of what the Taoiseach has stated that accepting such help was an honest error of judgment and was neither dishonest nor corrupt."


School remains in dilapidated prefab for 13 years

Gaelscoil na Camóige in Clondalkin has been housed in a substandard prefab for 13 years. This summer, a child collapsed from heat exhaustion due to the poor conditions. Seven years ago, the Department of Education promised a new site in 'in months rather than years', but still they wait. Emma Browne reports

Editorial: Serious questions arise for Bertie

Bertie Ahern has questions to answer about his dealings with Owen O'Callaghan in 1993 and 1994. It seems that guarantees were given to Owen O'Callaghan, who was then about to commence the development of Liffey Valley/Quarryvale (pictured) that another potentially competing development at Blanchardstown would not be afforded tax designation status. Had that happened, the viability of the Liffey Valley/Quarryvale project would have been in doubt. There is a suggestion that Bertie Ahern personally gave this assurance to Owen O'Callaghan.


Adult literacy guidelines ignored

The government has failed to implement three major recommendations on adult literacy contained in its white paper in 2000, and now they have been
re-recommended in an Oireachtas report.
By Emma Browne