The Taming of the Greens

The taming of the Greens, replacing principle with maturity, has been supported by the media. By Chekov Feeney.

The Greens have traditionally been placed somewhere on a spectrum between a dangerous subversive threat and a harmless joke by the media.

Cowen may do to Fianna Fáil what McDowell has done to PDs

Brian Cowen has been ubiquitous during the election campaign. On Questions and Answers before the campaign, on Prime Time repeatedly and on The Week in Politics. Combative, clever, commanding but... There is an aggressiveness about him which is off-putting and which I think may have done damage to his party. That air of contempt for opposing views (occasionally oh-so-consciously repressed), that snarling, bullying, belligerent, demeanour. I know him slightly through El Señor de la Casa (ie the husband), who was at Blackhall Place with him in the 1980s.