The real politicial opposition

Unlike the ‘official' opposition of Fine Gael and  Labour, this ‘real' opposition publish regularly their analysis of government policy and audit of government promises, with telling effect.
These are the two in the  engine room of CORI, Seán Healy and Brigid Reynolds, who published their annual socio-economic review on 24 March.

Loyalists cant save Bertie


Evidence that Bertie Ahern received sums of money far exceeding his official salary in 1994 is now incontrovertible. No credible explanation has been offered for this, although his close associates, current and former, have stood loyally by him

By Vincent Browne 

The Gravy Train

TDs now earn high multiples of the average wage. They get a basic salary of around €100,000, then lavish expenses and most of them have a Parliamentary nixer to add even more. By Adam Maguire

James Reilly: The TD with a GP's baggage

James Reilly, the new Fine Gael TD for Dublin North and party spokesperson on health, has made quite an impression very early. Articulate, analytic, combative, informed, he has been quite the best of Mary Harney's adversaries. He has lots of relevant experience in that he is an experienced GP and a former President of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), with some involvement in private medical practices. All of which might become liabilities for him.

Limerick Stabbed in Constituency Shuffle

With the loss of the Heathrow connection from Shannon, the disappointments of the hurling and football teams, the reverses in rugby, the media denigration of a great city and county and the eclipse of the O'Malleys, one would have thought Limerick had suffered enough. But now the Constituencies Commission has surgically removed part of the county and transplanted it into Kerry North to enable that constituency retain three seats. And a consequence of this contrivance will be the eclipse of another great political dynasty, the Healy Reas.

Past Irish Presidents

The President has just two functions independent of government: to refer a Bill to the Supreme Court to test its constitutionality before it is signed into law; and to refuse to dissolve the Dáil on the advice of a Taoiseach who has lost the support of a majority of TDs.No other powers whatsoever.