Progressive Democrats's female candidates

The PDs currently have four TDs in government who are women out of a total of 8. They are running seven female candidates in this election. Mary Harney PDs (Dublin Mid West)

Former leader of Progressive Democrats, former Tánaiste. Minister for Health and Children. She was the youngest ever senator at 24 (appointed by Jack Lynch). First elected to Dáil in 1981 for Fianna Fáil. Co-founder of the Progressive Democrats. Issues: 1,500 more consultants, no one to wait for more than six hours in A&E, assured frequency of screening for types of cancer.


Liz O'Donnell PDs ( Dublin South)

Former lawyer and former member of Dublin City Council. First elected to Dáil in 1992. Deputy leader of the PDs. Seat in jeopardy. Issues: café bars; women's issues; a new port for Dublin; reduce upper tax band to 38 per cent and lower band to 18 per cent.


Mags Murray PDs (Dublin West)

Elected to Fingal County Council in 2004. She has worked for many local community groups.


Fiona O'Malley PDs ( Dun Laoghaire)

Elected in 2002. Daughter of Des O'Malley, founder of the Progressive Democrats. Elected to Dun Laoghaire County Council in 1999. PD spokesperson on arts and culture, and energy. Made almost no impact on this outgoing Dáil. Issues: development of renewable energy in Ireland.


Jane Mullins PDs ( Kildare South)

Has recently resigned as editor of the Kildare Post to run in the election. Founder of the Positive Action group that supports and represents women infected with Hepatitis C through the blood product Anti-D Immunoglobulin. In 1997 she was awarded a national Person of the Year award. Issues: health and disabilities.


Mae Sexton PDs (Longford-Westmeath)

Elected in 2002. Involved in Longford local politics since 1991. The PD party spokesperson on regional development. Very right-wing. Blamed the parents of Brian Rossiter, the Clonmel boy found in a coma in Garda custody, for his subsequent death (she said the 14-year-old boy should not have been around the streets at 9pm). Issues: opposed to the taking of water from Lough Ree for Dublin (as are all other candidates in the constituency).


Sirena Campbell PDs (Meath East)

Ran in Meath bye-election in 2004. Currently works in Trinity House School in Lusk, a a secured detention centre for young males aged from 14 to 16 years. Issues: planning in Meath – wants a minister for planning and infrastructure.