The Jig Is Up for the Progressive Democrats

The Progressive Democrats themselves must appreciate the game is over for them.

They lost their last leader, Michael McDowell (remember him?) in the election, along with five other of their eight TDs. Mary Harney, a former leader, refuses to continue as interim leader. Its only other Dáil deputy, Noel Grealish, won't accept the leadership and there are rumours he may join Fianna Fail. A would be leader, Tom Parlon, has defected to the Construction Industry Federation. A wanna-be leader, Colm O'Gorman, failed to make it to the Senate. Its only remaining even vaguely plausible candidate for the leadership, Fiona O'Malley, must now realise her hopes of making back to the Dáil are zilch.

No chance of making it back in Dun Laoghaire, which is being reduced from a five-seater to a four-seater. No hopes of making it in the O'Malley Limerick playground, which also has lost a seat. But the PDs will take solace on leaving behind them a deeply unequal and unjust society.