Northern Ireland

Who's Who among the Dissident Republicans

Michael McKevitt

Michael McKevitt and his partner, Bernadette Sands-McKevitt, have been the people most prominently identified with the Real IRA. Both have adamantly denied any involvement in the Real IRA and there is no evidence suggesting that they had any involvement in the Omagh bombing.

The Omagh Bombing - August 1998

As history creaks on its bloody hinge, And the unspeakable is done again

“Mammy…Where's Mammy?” A little girl screamed it through the flames and smoke and the tumbling debris of slates, planks, bits of cars and arms and legs in Market Street, Omagh, moments after the bomb exploded. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sons, husbands, fathers and friends lay dead in the rubble. Twenty one people died at the scene. Others were horribly injured. Seven have since died and eight more are, as we go to press, still critically ill. Many people have lost limbs.

Republican Evictions

Known members of the INLA were recruited to carry out a forced eviction of tenants in a Dublin house.

The Rifles of the IRA, UFF and UVF

Magill has obtained exclusive details of RUC  and Garda estimates of the weapons being  held by terrorists in Ireland. The details form  part of a document which was presented  to the Mitchell Commission  on Decommissioning and are as follows:

Real Winners to be Nationalists and David Trimble

The 108-seat Assembly election is the icing on the settlement cake. Following on the huge referendum yes vote, the UUP will trounce the DUP, and the SDLP is exceedingly likely to handsomely defeat SF in the battle for nationalist hearts and minds. For the first time ever, the unionist majority will be small. The unionist bloc will win about 57 seats, with roughly 41 seats for the nationalist bloc and 10 or so for the Alliance Party.

Northern Talks: A long day's journey into peace

Assessments of republican intentions following the Ard-Fheis clashed. One confident BBC Radio Ulster voice proclaimed on air that Sinn Féin looked ready to campaign in the referendum for a ‘yes' vote in the north, a ‘no' in the south. Could well be right, a senior SF'er confirmed solemnly. And pigs might fly, a second SF'er told another broadcaster.