Northern Ireland

PSNI seize papers in police killing case

  • 18 August 2005
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In a further twist to the case of the killing by the PSNI of 21 year old Neil McConville, at Ballinderry, Co Antrim, on 20 April 2003, members of the PSNI confiscated documents, related to the case, from the veteran civil rights campaigner, Fr Denis Faul.

Where to now for post-war Sinn Féin?

  • 18 August 2005
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THEN AND NOW: Now that being in government, North and South, is a possibillity for Sinn Féin, the party's pragmatic approach will be to keep talk of a united Ireland in the realm of theory. But what will it stand for in practice, wonders Diarmaid Ferriter

'Surrender' of Colombia Three will defuse crisis

Sinn Féin wants to defuse the controversy over the Colombia Three before the political season resumes in early autumn. Hence the decision of the Three to make themselves available to gardaí. While on a personal basis Gerry Adams and the Sinn Féin leadership would have welcomed the return of James Monaghan and Martin McCauley – Niall Connolly would be unknown to most in the leadership – they would not have welcomed the political fall-out to their arrival back in Ireland.


Short of disbandment and an apology for the deaths and hurt caused, the IRA statement could not have gone further and is a huge personal and political achievement for Gerry Adams. By Vincent Browne

File gone to Northern DPP on death of girl in RUC car in 1991

The North's Police Ombudsman passed a file on the 1991 death of Portadown teenager Alice McLoughlin to the Director of Public Prosecutions in June 2005. Sixteen year old McLoughlin died in the early hours of 6 July 1991, after being taken to Craigavon Hospital in a policeman's car.

Defying tradition

His business background, praise from Sinn Féin and hard work in constituencies set him apart. But can he save the UUP party? Anton McCabe profiles Reg Empey

DUP make bed, Croppies lie down

The DUP in local government in the North is increasingly dealing with nationalists, by offering a series of deals to the SDLP on local councils to stop Sinn Féin holding offices on the council. In Belfast the DUP, SDLP and Alliance Party put together a deal to elect the DUP's Wallace Browne as Lord Mayor, with an SDLP deputy, and an SDLP mayor to follow in two years.

DUP: Back to bombast

There has been a hardening in the rhetoric of the DUP since the Northern Ireland elections, but then again there is nothing too new there. By Anton McCabe