Northern Ireland

Murder with impunity

The murder of Paul Quinn near the border last October and the officially ordained cover-up of IRA culpability for that murder, illustrates the fatal compromises that the “peace” process has involved. By Catherine McCartney

Media gag over Derry arms factory occupation

Anti-war protestors in Derry are charged with criminal damage to the Raytheon factory in the city. The courts in Northern Ireland have placed a gag on all reporting of the case and even on any reference in the media to Raytheon. By John Duggan

Derry plant involved in arms work

  • 5 October 2007
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Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act suggest that the US arms company Raytheon has lied about what it is producing at its plant in Derry and that local Nationalist politicians knew this. By Eamon McCann

McAliskey extradition farce continues

Roisin McAliskey was arrested in 1996 in relation to a bombing in Germany, but the Crown Prosectuion Service in Britain decided not to proceed with Germany's extradition request as it would be ‘unjust and oppressive'. Last year Germany reissued the request. By Eoin O'Broin

Dissenters want Paisley gone

Ian Paisley's decision to share power with Sinn Féin is alienating his flock. And as his position for moderator comes up for re-election, the Reverend is in for a rough ride.

Forgotton Troubles

The historic day on 8 May when the Northern Ireland Assembly was reformed was also the 20th anniversary of the IRA's heaviest defeat since the civil war, at Loughgall. By Colm Heatley

Old questions, different landscape

Mine was a safe, ordinary, suburban upbringing in Dublin during the 1960s and 1970s. The Troubles came to me over the radio or in television reports. Distant somehow and yet the stories still haunted me: the bombings, the kneecappings, the shootings. Tar and feather. Semtex. Miami Showband. Images – and language – from another place.

Reigning on the parades

Twenty-eight, ‘a bit of a looker', and with a blurred cultural identity, the Green Party of Northern Ireland's Kelly Andrews sits awkwardly beside her colleagues on the Northern Ireland Parades Commission. Fionola Meredith wonders if her energy and enthusiasm will outlast the tough months ahead

How the deal was done

How Ian Paisley deserves credit for what happened, how Peter Hain lost the plot, how Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson tied up the loose ends. Gerry Adams, the originator of the peace process, tells how the end game played out. By Gerry Adams