Villagers: Letters to the Editor 2006-06-22

The clarion call of Ulster Unionism in 1912 was: "Ulster will fight, and Ulster will be right", not Ireland will never have Home Rule. Jack Lane (Village 8-14 June) continues to propagate blatant falsehoods relating to the aims of Carson, and the UVF, insisting that the intention of Ulster Unionists was to prevent the implementation of Home Rule for the whole of Ireland, to the point of skulduggery at a high constitutional level (the 1914 Home Rule statute).

Villagers: Letters to the Editor 2006-06-15

The driving testers are not the best people to come up with a solution to the driving-test problems – as one of Orla Barry's listeners on Today FM suggested – because the testers have a selfish, monopolist mindset, which rejects any competition against them.