Repaying our investment 2005-04-15

Who are we? We came to Ireland as unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) seeking asylum. Our asylum applications were unsuccessful. In our countries of origin gross violations of human rights continue to be widespread.

Letters To The Editor 2005-04-08

Most Irish people would be deeply ashamed and as disbelieving as Thomas if they were aware that many elderly Irish women struggle to live without as much as one cent from the state.

Our children need better facilities now 2005-04-02

The school has been in temporary accommodation in a football club in Santry for the last nine years. At this stage there are 230 pupils crammed into tiny partitioned rooms. The ventilation is poor which results in the children often becoming ill and illnesses spreading very quickly. It is impossible for two adults to walk past each other in the very narrow corridors without bumping into one another. These passageways constitute a fire hazard and it doesn't bear thinking about what the consequences would be in the event of a fire and what is the possibility of evacuating all children safely.

Letters 2005-04-02

I have to wonder if either William Hederman, the author of the interview with Kelly Dougherty in last week's Village, or Dougherty herself happen to recognise the inconsistencies in Kelly's values and statements. Like a true anti-war activist, she can flip-flop on a dime.