The Blog of War

  • 12 December 2007
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One of the most buzzed online web comics of the year finally got a hard copy release this side of the pond last month. It's called Shooting War, and it's made waves over at since May 2006, when uber-Geek (that's hard ware and binary, not math rock and horn rims) bloggers Boing Boing blew the roof off it with a throw away casual link. It threads terrain typical of graphic novels, reaching into a future dystopia to stick some allegories about the present up our ass for awkward digestion.

Swimming against the tide

  • 29 November 2007
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A memoir by David Andrews gives a unique insight into Fianna Fáil in government. By Barry Desmond

Election Fever

Up the Poll: Great Irish Election Stories by Shane Coleman, recounts Irish elections back to 1917. By Ursula Halligan 


One thing's for sure: the Irish love their general elections. The lust for power by some candidates guarantees not only great moments of controversy but also plenty of laughs and lots of entertainment for the public.

Sean Kelly: Beating the system

Séan Kelly's memoir of his time in the GAA and his involvement in removing Rule 42 gives a unique insight into the Machiavellian nature of the GAA system. By Eoghan Corry

Manchan's Travels

Author, documentary maker, gaelgoir and intrepid traveller Machan Magan talks to Village about his new book, an account of a journey around India.

A literary odyssey

  • 8 August 2007
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Richard Kearney's latest work, Navigations, is a fascinating examination of the Irish literary and artistic landscape that reveals something of the psyche of modern Ireland.