Looking beyond the obvious

Questioning Irish neutrality, scrutinising literature and finding the meaning of life. By Edward O'Hare

Men of letters

A collection of wonderfully colourful letters to Leitrim novelist and teacher Michael McLaverty reveals a side of the late John McGahern usually not shown to the public. Review by Eamon Maher

The enemy within

  • 28 February 2007
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The state of Israel is under threat, not from military instability or Palestinian militancy but from its own moral contradictions. A new book explores the anti-Zionist movement. By David Shanks

Harvesting the past

Con Houihans columns from the Evening Press are missed by many, but now they have been gathered together in a collection called 'A Harvest'. Rosita Sweetman reviews


A Harvest
By Con Houlihan
Published by Boglark Press

Books: A reclusive genius

  • 17 January 2007
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Author Thomas Pynchon hasn't been photographed for 50 years, and has never been interviewed. His books are multi-layered, chaotic, fantastical and extraordinary. Edward O'Hare reviews his new novel, which could be his best yet

Richard Dawkins: A mission to convert

Richard Dawkins sets out to drive religion to extinction in The God Delusion. The book, however, has little new to offer. It is deeply flawed, data-free and full of double standards, says H Allen Orr