Fighting for the Nazis

Soldier and historian, Terence O'Reilly, examines  with detachment and compassion why some Irishmen colluded with and even fought for the Nazis writes Fred Johnston

The Trouble with Remembering

Susan McKay's new book, 'Bear In Mind These Dead', about victims from Northern Ireland's Troubles, their families and communities, is sensitive and comprehensive. Review by Martin Manseragh.

Books: Limping into the future

A new book containing a series of essays by clergy, educators, journalists, academics and artists focuses on the decline in the power of the Catholic Church in recent years and its place in modern Ireland

Elementary, My Dear Doyle

Edward O Hare's Booknotes, April 2008

It is generally assumed that a writer's most famous character must be some fanciful version of themselves. In the case of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the reverse was true, as Andrew Lycett's recent biography has uncovered.

Demystifying First Minister Ian Paisley

Last week one of Sinn Fein's leading figures during the Peace Process was wringing his hands about the ditching of Ian Paisley as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).  Paisley's term as First Minister, wrote Jim Gibney, “has been distinctive for his style and panache. His humour and hearty laughter strikes [sic] a chord with people mesmerised by the change that has come over him in his working relationship with Martin McGuinness”. The pair had given hope to the people, Gibney claimed.