The real climategate

Emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit have once again been hacked and released on the internet. The timing is similar to the “climategate” scandal of 2009, with emails published just before an important UN climate conference. Does this mean the science is in doubt? Quite the opposite, says Stephan Lewandowsky.

The €6 billion alternative

Four comprehensive pre-budget submissions have found, between them, ways of saving approximately €6 billion without eviscerating social protections and hammering the lower paid. What was that about there being no alternative? By Michael Taft.

The cuts agenda will not create jobs

Enda Kenny's assertion that "Budget cuts are designed to safeguard jobs" is demonstrable nonsense. By Michael Taft.

We’re into the great expectations-management game again. It happens once a year, just prior to the budget. “Proposals” are leaked or rumoured. The media – colluding in this annual exercise – chase around for stories. TDs, commentators, and people potentially affected are lined up for comment. No one is any wiser but it fills column inches and media minutes. And then the budget happens and finally we know. This ritual is getting tedious.