The treaty that would not die

With the "Draft Agreement on Reinforced Economic Union" Ireland finds itself in the final instalment of a very scary movie trilogy. By David Johnson.

To the B-movie horror pantheon of zombie banks, ghost estates and the grasping, mauling tendrils of the bloated vampire squid that is Goldman Sachs, we can now add Lisbon 3, the Treaty That Would Not Die! As the initial shock of this revelation subsides and the beads of perspiration begin to cool, it slowly starts to dawn on us all that we have found ourselves in the final part of a scary movie trilogy.

Who knew what and when about the Anglo affair?

Who outside of Anglo Irish Bank knew the full details of the Maple Ten business in 2008, and what culpability do they have in relation to it? By Vincent Browne.

Many people reasonably wonder how it is that, more than three years after we discovered what appears to have been illegality in Anglo Irish Bank, nobody has been charged - let alone convicted or sentenced.

It is regularly said that if this had happened in America, a parade of suspects would have done the infamous perp walk in handcuffs by now, much to the delectation of the baying masses.

But if a white person had said it...

The furore over Diane Abbott's tweet yesterday was an attempt to recast power dynamics and obscure the real meaning of racism. By Nyder O'Leary.

They said 2011 was the year of change. This simply has to be true, as it’s impossible to imagine anyone who even vaguely qualifies as sane and ordinary trying to make the argument that Diane Abbott and Patrice Evra are, in fact, terrible and appalling racists.

2012 - The year of Anglo

The Irish people need to to come together and voice one simple demand in 2012: stop making payments to bondholders in zombie bank Anglo. By Michael Taft.

A lot of people are going to find it difficult in 2012, what with the economy returning to recession and all. But for one group, it will be business as usual: Anglo-Irish creditors.  And that business will mean that they will be repaid in full.

Revolt of the meritocrats

There was a time when privilege, social responsibility and public service went together. Could it return? By Andy Yee.

Out with the old, in with the old

What does the future hold for Ireland as we begin 2012? Near permanent deflation, high unemployment and high debt - at least if the Government persists with its austerity mindset. By Michael Taft.

Ten years of austerity? What is the ex-ESRI researcher Richard Tol talking about? Wasn’t austerity to only last until 2015? Is this what we have to look forward to? You bet it is.

The challenges and rewards of adult ADHD

With the launch of a new resource for parents and teachers who deal with children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), John Holden looks at how the condition affects people untreated in later life.

Our annus horribilis

2011 was a miserable year, and we face the prospect of more misery in 2012 and beyond. By Vincent Browne.

It was the Bryan Dobson interview with Seán Gallagher on the evening of Tuesday, 2 October, that scuttled Gallagher's presidential campaign, not so much the theatrics of the previous night on Frontline.