Naval gazing

Keith Duggan went to America to watch a colllege-football game. He came home to the Irish Times with a remarkable piece of militarist propaganda. By Harry Browne.

Be afraid. Be very afraid...

A ghost story writer without equal, M.R. James's tales of the supernatural have terrified generations of readers. Now a Trinity College professor has edited the definitive edition of James's stories. The perfect book to rediscover on these dark winter nights, the Collected Ghost Stories of M.R. James is a masterclass in the uncanny, but don't be surprised if you find yourself sleeping with the light on. By Ed O'Hare.

The economy will recover - but not in 2012

Reports of a recovery in 2012 have been greatly exaggerated. By Michael Taft.

If I hear one more time that we have exited the recession I’m going to put my head through the computer screen. We’ve come to expect this line from cabinet ministers. But when commentators and media interviewers keep repeating this, per ministerial press statements,’s getting a bit much. And when you add in the insult of paying of Anglo bondholders (€700 million on Tuesday, €1.25 billion in January), well...the economy sinks but bank creditors are 'recovering'.

ICTU has the ideas, now it needs a strategy

ICTU's pre-budget submission outlines a set of concrete alternatives to the Government's austerity policies. However, the real test is what strategy the organisation will pursue to mobilise the broadest possible coalition to support that set of alternatives. By Michael Taft.

Facing the facts on fat

The obesity crisis won't be solved if policymakers continue to focus on individual choices while ignoring the bigger picture. By Anke Klitzing.