Letting Apple off the hook for labour abuses

As long as labour abuses remain in far-off places rarely subject to scrutiny by the likes of the New York Times, companies like Apple will remain more swayed by stockholders pushing to maximise their profits than consumers who want the workers who make their iPods and iPads treated justly. By Julie Hollard.

Ireland's financing alternatives: the EFSF

Those who claim that Ireland would be denied access to EFSF funding – or any other funding sources – in the event of No vote on the Fiscal Treaty should provide concrete evidence to this effect. By Michael Taft and Tom McDonnell.

A minister speaks from fantasy island

How can we trust a government that insists on describing the economy in a way that is completely at odds with the fact? By Michael Taft.

Even when presented with cold hard reality, Government ministers refuse to acknowledge it, preferring to live in a fantasy island. Spin is one thing, denial is another.

Europe's democratic deficit

The galloping euro crisis is dismantling the last vestiges of Europe’s democratic processes everywhere - not just in the periphery. By Yanis Varoufakis.