Ireland's funding options: Time to end the 'race to disaster' debate

Even before the wording has been published and a referendum date named there is one issue that looks set to dominate the debate over the Fiscal Treaty: namely, what future financing options does Ireland have in the eventuality of a ‘No’ vote? While we are not taking a position on the substantive issue in this piece, the following is intended to aid the debate by helping to answer that question. By Michael Taft and Tom McDonnell.

Why is Occupy so vacant?

Through its organisational 'anti-structure' and insistence on 'questioning everything' the Occupy movement brought about its own demise. By Tom Boland.

Eye gouging at the muppet show

Greg Smith’s letter announcing his resignation from Goldman Sachs, published yesterday, may well turn out to be an act of revelatory arson. By Ida Ince.

Greg Smith’s resignation letter in the New York Times yesterday (1), announcing a bridge-burning departure from his position as Executive Director of Goldman Sachs’s Equity Derivatives Division (Europe, Asia, Africa) certainly brought Wall St. to a relative halt.  GS cancelled conference calls and the Goldman Flacks (PR goons) were rounded up to pour scorn on Mr. Smith’s allegations as “unrecognisable”.

Children’s rights must not mean women’s wrongs

We should not be complacent about the risk of “children’s rights” becoming another tool of state misogyny. By Wendy Lyon.

Last month the Irish Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald, announced that the long-promised referendum on the rights of children would finally be held this year.

The background to this lies in the following provisions of the Irish Constitution: