Inequality and the English riots

The rioting in Britain was hardly unexpected, given the vast inequalities in British society. Ireland is no less unequal, meaning such social unrest is quite possible here, too. By Vincent Browne.

In itself, the scale of moral hypocrisy that the recent riots in Britain has prompted explains a lot about why the riots happened in the first place - and why similar social conflict may well happen here, again inflamed by our own propensity for moral hypocrisy.

Investing in another, better future

The best way to increase our competitiveness, drive down unemployment and repair our public finances is through investment; the fiscal cul-de-sac of austerity will get us nowhere. By Michael Taft.

What if we bought a modern telecommunications system, bringing next generation broadband to every household and business in the country?

What if we purchased a state-of-the-art waste and water system to secure an increasingly scarce resource?

Time to start working on Plan B

A new Central Bank report suggests that the Government needs to abandon its current policies in favour of more effective ones if it wants to return to economic growth, writes Michael Taft

Absence of concern for victim was Norris error

David Norris made mistakes in the face of moral dilemmas, but they should not have stopped his candidature, writes Vincent Browne

David Norris was presidential yesterday in his withdrawal speech outside his splendid home on North Great George's Street in Dublin, even though there was an inevitability about the withdrawal once his Oireachtas supporters began to melt away. The candidates who remain in the presidential campaign seem dreary by comparison.

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Below is the statement made by David Norris outside his home marking the end of his campaign for the presidency. His decision follows the revelation that David Norris sought clemency from an Israeli court for his former partner Ezra Nawi who was convicted by an Israeli court of the statutory rape of a 15 year old boy. David Norris advocated on Ezra Nawi's behalf in 1997 in his official capacity as an Irish Senator.

Feeling moody about downgrades

While the effects of the downgrade of Ireland’s credit rating to junk status by Moody’s are still being felt, Paul Walsh examines the motivation behind the decision, and asks how the credit ratings agencies have so much influence on the global financial markets.

Opposition to housing charge echoes previous campaigns

Plans by the Socialist Party and the Workers Solidarity Movement to resist the introduction of the new household charge are reminiscent of previous campaigns, in particular the Federation of Dublin Anti-Water Charge Campaigns during the early 1990s, which successfully campaigned against a household water charge in Dublin. By Bernard O'Rourke.

The Socialist Party has called on householders to refuse to pay the new annual household charge announced by the government this week.