Call for national protest at payment of $1bn Anglo bond

For the past 34 weeks, people in the north Cork village of Ballyhea have met up every Sunday and walked the length of the village in quiet protest at the decision to hold the Irish taxpayer liable for monstrous bank debts. Diarmuid O’Flynn is one of those who has marched in Ballyhea every Sunday for the past 34 weeks. He is now calling for people all over the country to down tools at noon next Tuesday (1 November) in protest at the $1bn unsecured, unguaranteed Anglo bond due to be paid the following day. Below, he explains why.

A week less ordinary

Week 25 of Dáil sittings since it began a lifetime ago in early March started with my day in the High Court with ACC on Monday, the operation on my shoulder in Beaumont on Tuesday, and back to the Dáil on Wednesday morning to challenge the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton on Ireland’s failed approach to job creation over the years. An extract from my address:

Inquiries proposal is a dangerous one

We are being asked to vote on Thursday on whether or not we should give the government further power by enabling it to hold inquiries into anything except its own conduct. We should say no. By Vincent Browne.

Only Gallagher harnessed social media in #Aras11 race

In the early days of the presidential race, Pat Kenny held an illuminating interview on the value of social media in an election campaign. On September 5, he interviewed Ewan McIntosh, a social media strategist who co-directed a “digital election arms race” that helped the Scottish National Party (SNP) sweep to an historic majority in May of this year. The strategy involved a “daily cycle of news", which "enthused volunteers" and "allowed people to feel ownership of the party”.

We are lucky to have Higgins as a candidate

We are lucky to have the option of voting for Michael D, given the calibre of the alternatives. By Vincent Browne.

Martin McGuinness is the best-qualified person to be president of Ireland. His first qualification, which distinguishes him from all the other candidates, is that he doesn’t want to be president, thereby confirming a psychological normality, which perhaps is an asset, even in the presidency.

Helen Lucy Burke reignites Norris controversy on Joe Duffy

Just six days from the 2011 Presidential election, Helen Lucy Burke has reignited the controversy surrounding comments made by David Norris on pederasty in a 2001 interview. Ms Lucy Burke provided audio tapes of the interview to RTE which were broadcast on the Joe Duffy show. [The audio is below].