Virtual Friends

The tentacles of ‘social networking' are unavoidable if you have an email address.

The future is 3-D

The head of US film studio Dreamworks Animation has predicted that the future of cinema will be three-dimensional. Jeffery Katzenberg, one of the founders of parent company Dreamworks SKG along with moguls Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, said that three “magical” factors were coming together to make the rejuvenation and triumph of 3D possible: the increased power of computers which allows clearer images, digital cameras and affordable 3D eyewear. From the studio's point of view, the advantage of 3D films is that they “cannot be pirated”, said Katzenberg.

The dangers of virtual smog

Ireland has the highest concentration of wireless hotspots in the world. At 18 per 1,000 head of population, we just about beat the UK to the number one spot. The US leads in sheer volume of these locations with 26,000. Japan, regarded as one of the most technologically-advanced countries, has actually moved beyond Wi-Fi, and now has over 30 million 3G mobile phone connections.

The ghost in your browser

A   survey by Google has discovered more than one million websites that contain Malware. This hidden software is capable of stealing your personal information and spreading computer viruses. By browsing the internet, a user can unknowingly be the victim of what the Google Anti-Malware Team calls a “drive-by download”. It may be the case that the owners of the websites that infect your system are themselves not aware of the presence of the surreptitious software.

Flat out futuristic

Village predicts that all technology in the future will be flat. Except movies, which will be in 3D, naturally

Google goes Big Brother

Google's data-retention activities come under scrutiny by authorities on both sides of the Atlantic. By Tom Rowe

Ballyfermot to lose train station

Dublin's newest train station is handling half its expected passenger numbers. Ballyfermot is to lose its train station, catering for 25,000 people. By Tom Rowe

Betting on Bertie

A General Election not only excites the media. The bookies and their customers love a competition. Irelands largest bookmaker Paddy Power this week predicted operating profits for 2007 of €58million. This forecast is based on current earnings from sporting events which have gone Paddy Powers way in the first 20 months of the year.