And The Winner Is...

Radio winners and losers, anti-trust madness in the US and a step in the right direction for RTE Radio 1

Fujimori faces questioning

Ex-President of Peru Alberto Fujimori today faces the first in a series of interrogations and trails in which he has been accused of gross human rights violations during his presidency, as well as massive corruption. The 69 year old of Japanese descent ruled from 1990 to 2000.

Victim Impact Statement

Victim impact statements have been permissable in Ireland since 1993. Other countries such as the US have allowed them since the 1970's. Countries with variations of the statement include Britain, Australia and Finalnd.

Mining for Internet Gold

With many of us spending entire days online, it is about time we started getting more out of it than mere information.

Manchan's Travels

Author, documentary maker, gaelgoir and intrepid traveller Machan Magan talks to Village about his new book, an account of a journey around India.

20 ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

1 Walk or cycle instead of driving for short journeys – it costs nothing and is good for you.

2 Turn your heating down to a comfortable 20ºC – lowering your thermostat by 1ºC will knock 10 per cent off your heating bill.

3Buy ‘A' rated kitchen appliances(energy efficient) - they cost less to run and over time will give you considerable savings on your electricity bill.

4 Don't overfill your kettle - boil only as much water as you need.

Green websites

Village explores the Internet to find the most interesting and useful websites to guide you in the quest for sustainable living.

Making a difference at home

The Village guide to sustainability in the home assesses different types of sustainable energy and the government grants available for them, gives guidelines on how to calculate your energy costs and investigates a model for an Irish eco-village.

The Carbon Market

A booming trade in ‘carbon credits' has emerged from the greenhouse gas emission targets set by the Kyoto Protocol in 1997.