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Eamon Ryan
Green Party TD and Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources


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Pool D - Georgia

Cash-strapped Georgia make the best use of their relationships with French clubs. The national team played Agen, Auch and Albigeois to warm up for the World Cup. The team were coaxed there by Frenchman Claude Saurel and two-thirds of the squad currently ply their trade in French club rugby. Saurel, a 54-year-old former Béziers flanker who was once Morocco's national coach was the key figure in getting Georgia to their first world cup in 2003.

Regulating online radio

The future of internet radio hangs in the balance in the US as regulators temporarily postpone a ruling that could shut down many small-scale stations.

Village Festival Guide - Midlands Music Festival

Now that the mud-fest that is Oxygen is over, it is safe to go back in the fields. Over the next two months, Village will look at some of the festivals coming up over the rest of the summer, in the optimistic expectation that the sun will come out some day soon.

World Bank Reports No Improvement In Governance

The World Bank has released the results of a 10-year report on worldwide governance. It shows that while a number of countries are making progress in improving governance and fighting corruption, on average "the quality of governance around the world has not improved much around the world over the past decade".

Fujimori courts controversy

The unfailingly controversial ex-president of Peru Alberto Fujimori has once again inflamed passions in a country where he is accused of human rights abuses and corruption. By Tom Rowe