Rights and duties

Michael McDowell loves representative democracy so much that he delights when a party showing at four per cent in the polls determines the policy direction of our Government.



Over stepping the limit

This, surely, was an image too far for any self-respecting newspaper. For a man who is seen as an honoured leader by millions of people to be depicted in this crass way pushes out the boundaries, not merely of press freedom, but of taste, decency and sound editorial judgment.

Winning hearts and minds

It's the IRA's fault, you see, for ending the war in the North. British soldiers used to get such good experience in policing civil disorder and winning hearts 'n' minds, but now that the army lacks its local training ground for discipline and stoicism under intolerable stone-throwing, all hell has broken loose.


Free Speech

No one in the media, least of all Meejit, readily admits to purveying conventional wisdom. God forbid a columnist starts a screed by declaring that, if readers care to look beyond a few flashy flights of rhetoric and some trivial carping at big targets, and note instead the underlying assumptions, they'll find nothing substantial, new, different or challenging in what follows.