Meejit 30/11/06

Guerrillas in the mist

So, the Irish Mail on Sunday reckons that non-violent actions that have allegedly been proposed in support of the Shell to Sea campaign amount to “guerrilla” tactics? This column noted a couple of weeks back how averse the media are to using the term “civil disobedience” to describe the Mayo campaign, so it was predictable that such creative terminology would emerge.

Arrant bilge

There is little interest amongst journalists to report on the North and the Nicaraguan elections.


Privacy Bill

There has been a self-interested campaign against the Privacy Bill in the media.


In the most interesting, provocative piece of mainstream journalism I've read for some time, the New York Times Magazine recently exposed the terrible damage being inflicted on elephants. Habitat destruction, poaching, culling and casual cruelty have wrecked many of the social networks that sustain these complex creatures – and psychologically scarred, socially alienated elephants are hitting back at the oppressor.


The foreign Mail

One of the more striking aspects of the media's recent behaviour over "Bertiegate" has been the identity of the newspaper most vigorously inclined to go in for the highly dramatic kill on the poor old Taoiseach.

Mahon mayhem

Amongst the coverage on the Bertie payments scandal meaningful questions were conspicuously absent.

Papal apologies

There has been a huge reaction to the Pope's comments on Muslim and lack of an apology.