You gotta have art

The reporting on Iran has been skewed and an exhibition with art on the subject of Iraq has some interesting perspectives.

Operation Easter

Donal O'Kelly used to shy away from history's heroes, but his new play brings the leaders of the Rising to life. Harry Browne sees Operation Easter in rehearsals

Kember's heroism scorned

It was disgusting in a predictable sort of way that Britain's General “Sir” Mike Jackson had an obnoxious pop at hostage Norman Kember after his release.



If, as Samuel Johnson proclaimed, patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, in our media it tends to be mainly sportswriting scoundrels who are permitted to seek asylum there. Lately it's been with page-one ostentation.


The pot and the kettle

In and out of print, Meejit has been known to berate ideological foes, esteemed colleagues and shy students alike for over-reliance on the internet. Surfing so often results in lazy, lousy, lifeless journalism, not to mention the sort of junk that takes the odd posting to some web forum and turns it into, eg, a conspiracy to burn Dublin.