Pipped at the post

As a "where were you when you heard...?" moment, it wasn't up there with JFK or 9/11. Still, Mary Harney's resignation as Progressive Democrat leader had an undeniable element of surprise – "bolt from the blue" was the phrase of the day. If "where you were" was RTÉ, you heard about it slightly, but significantly, later than if you were tuned to rival broadcasters.


Food nation

Two publications featured food specials this week with differing levels of success.

Muslim madness

People are not suuposed criticise Islam as a religion but they can persecute radical Muslims. Meejit thinks that everyone has got it arseways.


London bombs

So most of the media were credulous about the London terror plot, reporting and repeating police claims and leaks without doubt or even attribution? Ho-hum.

Castro's Cuba

If the average Latin American peasant went to his bed one night and somehow woke up in Cuba the next morning, he would think he had died and gone to heaven.

Meejit on "scoops"

Usually a journalist likes having a story to him or herself. If it's of sufficient potential interest, it's a "scoop".



Fifth time lucky for 'lawful excuse' defence

After three trials over the course of more than three years, the Pitstop Ploughshares have been acquitted under their 'lawful excuse' defence. By Harry Browne and William Hederman. Photographs by William Hederman