Texts and emails, Wednesday 17 February 2010

Topic: Women's status in Ireland

Panellists: Ailbhe Smyth, Pat O'Connor, Marie Mulholland, Susan McKay

Good to know that we can all swear under oath in high court and lie and get away with it now. After all our minister set a precedence. 

Tony, Donegal


Hilarious hearing politicians clamouring for the high moral ground. What about the Election Manifesto's/Promises and Ard Fheis's lads? Pinnochio's all?

Is Dan Boyle having a jitter by twitter?

Dan Dan the Twitter man, tweeting twit, then away he ran. Viv

We have faith in these v troubled times in a higher spirit, not in Rome and not in dail at all, god help us all. C Ashbourne

Low standards in high places FF are so arrogant they think it is perfectly ok to lie and then commit perjury to cover up the lie.Deirdre de Burca was right the Green Party have no principles .FFmust be thrilled -they know the Yellows will put up with anything! Deirdre

The fellas in frocks(bishops) don't bother most women at all as we do NOT respect their views on women and our role in the family and society in the first place! Great show tonight. Mary, teacher in Limerick.

So now perjury in court is not a criminal offence... Talk about .. moving the goal posts. Take a solicitor like Willy O’Dea to beat the system. Judicial I mean... Anne Ryan. Kilkenny

What about family law when it comes to men, is it not in favor of women, perhaps thats why the majority raising children are women, they get custody of the children?

Watching your programme last night i was delighted to see christine buckley telling how appaled she was at what happened in Rome but it occured to me that people with special needs who were abused as children have no voice my brother is one of those people Brigid

In fairness we're not in the Middle East. Tell them to go for the Dail and get voted in like everyone else. I appricate what they're sayin but they have to get over it. I hire mostly fella's because they're physically stronger, less hassle and can do an 8 hour shift without answering their phone. But thats just my experience. Darren

Male dominated organisations walk on 1 leg. In Rome, old men in fancy dress kissing the ring of an older lad. That's not religion. We men need feminists to change us all. Vincent in Galway.

Stade Francais play in pink and beat the daylights out of everbody! Colette Cole

Most teachers are women so why are women discriminating against girls in sport in schools. Should people who work longer hours not be paid more? Are women willing to be that productve? The reality is if you produce more you should be paid more. Can you ask your pannel is it fair that men have no rights around their childen should their be a split in the relationship? Women can't have their cake and eat it, fair play goes both ways..... But then again men are bad and women are great

Who is teaching the children what way to behave in society? Is it not the person raising them?

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Its women who rear men.

For most of my life we've had female presidents who always defeat men in the elections. 3 ran one year...Declan in Kinvara

I'd be a feminist myself but for their general support for so called "reproductive rights" aka abortion rights. James from hollyford

Women have it good in all areas . They live 20 years longer than men . There is nothing they cannot do. They even get away with murder unless they get some one else to do it

this panel proves the commonly held view that one can be anything but a young male in today's society. I am tired of being insulted on the basis of my gender. This panel shame the true egalitarian principles of feminism

If Dan Boyle feels so strong on the issue of O'Dea he should resign on point of principle.But when he did jump on the recent Cuts , vote of confidence in Bertie , u turn on Lisbon , only party in the State to have vote on NAMA , I dont think he give up seat F F rewarded him with . Signed Ind Cllr Chris O'Leary (former green)

In the Defence Forces,successive chiefs have encouraged women for years to do the course necessary to rise to senior ranks and just one has taken the route.Paul

Pick a lane... U cannot place values on people who don't want it.. As a male occupational therapist... I find myself a ghast to think that these women want to impose values on people... Gender imbalance is imbalance no matter what way you look at it and should be addressed there fore the medical professions need to get more male's into third level... Brian in dublin and in despair

T its women that should be running this country , its a proven fact that there far better managers than men , this is coming from a man.

George Lee Isnt a woman and he could not take the carry on in the dail in fact i think anyone half normal could not hack the carry on in the dail, Catherine Daly Cork

I work in a semi state. Men still rule. Women r 2 b seen and not heard. One has 2 b in ones 20s r early 30s and a size 0 to get any promotion. Men rule

Would Michael O'Leary like to tell us how many of the 300 jobs will be filled from the irish job market.

With your vast experience with political issues please tell me why dail debates sound like a Saturday night in the local pub instead of talks between people who want to run the country many thanks from Caroline in county Meath

aint it GUBU, in constrast, today, when an unelected (Martin McALEESE) comes up with a (brilliant) jobs proposal, on a day when the Government and a leading businessman (Michael O'Leary) and Aer Lingus bicker over possible self interest? Could we not- in these times- redirect money from banks (shocking suggestion) to build a bloody hangar? (if lease to AER Lingus can be changed, billions lost to State to SHELL be reclaimed for explore rights?)