New book aims to educate young people on human rights


A book launched today by Amnesty Ireland offers teachers and students an opportunity to learn about human rights by taking part in artistic activities.

Voice Our Concern is a project being run by Amnesty Ireland since 2004. It is a human rights education project that targets secondary school children to engage with Irish artists.

Texts and Emails, Monday 12 April 2010

Topic: The cost of Quinn Direct, looming rejection of public sector reform and the threat from the Real IRA

Panellists: David McWilliams, Justine McCarthy, Clare Davy, Eoin Renane, Catherine Halloran

Vincent et al, have you lost the run of yourselves? What the hell are ye doin' back tonight? Our Parliament is closed 'til the 20th! Get a grip and get with the status quo... Scabs!


Respect for complexity and diversity endorsed

“Astonishing and yet ordinary”. These are the words Joe Meno uses to describe Thisbe Casper’s music in The Great Perhaps. He could just as well say the same for family.

(Interview with Joe Meno on Politico here)

The Great Perhaps is an adventure told through the eyes and lives of the Caspers.

American author encourages return to family life

In an interview with Shane Creevy on 10 April 2010, Joe Meno discussed American politics, his opinion on Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, the creative process, and his love for The White Album, Kurt Vonnegut and Thorton Wilder.

Texts and Emails, Thursday 1 April 2010

Topic: The panel discuss Ed Moloney's new book on the North, "Voices from the Grave"

Panellists: Ed Moloney, Brendan O'Brien, Suzanne Breen, Simon Carswell and Marie-Louise O'Donnell

Why have the assets and passports of all the suspect bankers and speculaters not been taken and frozen?



Celebrities help fight Alzheimer's


Celebrities’ Favourite Books, recently published by Apex Publishing, is dedicated to those affected by dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. It contains around 100 articles from the well known and the not so well known – from Tony Blair to Jeffrey Archer, and others including Mohammed al Fayed, Gordon Brown, Richard Dawkins, Ben Elton, Alex Ferguson, Stephen Hendry, Glenn Hoddle, Gary Lineker, Ken Loach, Sam Neill and Terry Wogan.

Frustration expressed at slow delivery of green industry

The Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Eamon Ryan appeared before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Change and Energy Security yesterday, 24 March, to discuss a number of key issues in relation to energy and electricity needs.

Enduring legacy of the Beatles lives on

Legendary. Genius. Phenomenal.

Superlatives such as these rear their ugly faces far too often in popular usage. They are cheapened in a world of short-term disposable celebrities, where questions over the talent or wealth of said celebrities are hushed by a media world which pilfers to commercialism over public interest.


When it comes to The Beatles...