European week of protest begins

At a conference in Buswells Hotel today, Socialist Party MEP Joe Higgins launched the European week of protest against government strategies that disadvantage the poor. By Shane Creevy.

Enjoyable tale of deceit and deception

‘One in two Britons wants to become a writer... Are you sure you want to join the rat race?’ So opens the blurb on the back of Alessandro Gallenzi’s debut novel Bestseller. By the end of it, you will most likely despair at the fickle world we live in – and none too pleased with the publishing world either. By Shane Creevy.

Jim Talbot has always known he would write a bestseller. Regularly thwarted by publicists, reviewers and agents who ignore him, he is nonetheless assured that he will become the next JK Rowling.

Debut novel shows signs of promising young writer

Recently published in paperback, Trevor Byrne’s debut novel Ghosts and Lightning bristles with the vernacular of Dublin’s working class. By Shane Creevy.

The novel is often touching and funny at the same time; no doubt the tale of the escaped white-haired Japanese monkey will linger in your mind for some time!

But the tale centers around Denny, the narrator, who has returned to Dublin from Wales following the death of his mother.

Renewed campaign of Right to Work protests planned for June

Approximately 500 people attended the fourth Right to Work demonstration where protesters again called on government to hold a general election. UCD sociologist Kieran Allen said in an interview with Politico that the Right to Work campaign would change tactics after tonight’s protest. By Shane Creevy

Anglo protests pass off peacefully

Protests outside Anglo Irish Bank and Dail Eireann passed off peacefully tonight. By Shane Creevy.

Outside Anglo Irish Bank on Stephens Green they marched to the calls of ‘NAMA NAMA no way, time to make the wealthy pay!’

And outside Dail Eireann the crowd shouted in unison, ‘When they say cutback, we say fight back!’

(Audio: Politico interviews James O’Toole, one of the organisers of the protest.)

Texts and Emails, Thursday 20 May 2010

Topic: Vincent discusses the issue of equality, after the publication of former Equality Authority CEO Niall Crowley's new book.

Panelists: Niall Crowley, David Quinn (Iona Institute), Anne Speed (Equality Officer, SIPTU), Gareth Robinson (Barrister specialising in Employment Law), Linda O'Shea-Farren and Sarah McInerney (Sunday Times).


Israel refuses EU delegation entry to Gaza

An audience in Dublin heard yesterday that a Committee of the European Union will be refused access to Palestine by Israel in a forthcoming trip, and that media reportage does not reflect the "reality on the ground" for Palestinians. By Shane Creevy.

Proinsias de Rossa, Chair of the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council (DPLC), explained that a European Parliament Committee are to meet Israeli and Palestinian sides in the last week of May.