The thoughts of Chairman Jack Lynch

Geraldine Kennedy presents a glossary of Jack Lynch's statements on Northern and constitutional policies over the last decade, revealing that he has maintained a consistency - almost - on the Northern question but has vacillated on the constitutional issue.

New Socialist Alliance

  • 1 February 1978
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THE IRISH LEFT has been characterized by a sectarianism of its own for several decades - Brendan Behan said of republican organisaations that the first item on the agenda at all their inaugural meetings was 'the split' - so perhaps it is salutory that two such groups are contemplating fusion over the next few months. By Gene Kerrigan

Garret FitzGerald: Profile of Expectation

A French Member of Parliament visiting Ireland last year stated that Garret FitzGerald was the most formidable public figure in Europe. Certainly he is preeminent in Ireland where his enormous intellectual and administrative abilities are unmatched anywhere on the political scene. By Vincent Browne

Magills People of 1977

Liam Cosgrave was the major casualty of 1977, having begun the year, as he began the election campaign, believing that he was invincible. The coalition failed to commission opinion polls to determine the state of public opinion before the election and when their first polls became available a few days after the campaign was begun, several ministers took themselves back to their constituencies to save their own hides. Cosgrave, however, either didn't believe the polls or didn't understand their significance and, right up to the election count, remained convinced that he was invulnerable.

Noel Browne: an end to the one-man band

  • 1 December 1977
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THEY DON'T NEED ME,' says Noel Browne, TD. He says it with no mock modesty, a hint of satisfaction and a perceivable measure of hope. He is explaining that the recently formed Socialist Labour Party 'is not, repeat not, Noel Browne's New Party'. By Gene Kerrigan

Martin O Donoghue - Will it be roses all the way?

The career of one who left school at the age of 14 to work as a waiter and who later became Professor of Economics at Trinity College, exemplifies all the traditional virtues Fianna Fail likes to extol and defend.'

A profile of Martin O'Donoghue, by Joseph O'Malley, political correspondent of the Sunday Independent.