Jack Lynch: My Life and Times

Exclusive: For the first time, An Taoiseach, Jack Lynch writes about his background, his sporting career, his entry into politics, his ministerial career, and his period in office as Taoiseach.

Political Diary - December 1978

Last month's Trocaire seminar on relations between the EEC and the developing countries attended by several Brussels-based ambassadors, gave us a rare glimpse of Foreign Minister, Michael O'Kennedy, doing his statesman thing on the home patch. It was quite a treat. O'Kennedy had been asked to say what the government's stance would be on renegotiations of the Lome Convention between the EEC ~6 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries of the ACP. He didn't.

Dr. John O Connell Takes Labours Pulse

THAT enfant terrible of the Labour Party, Dr. John O'Connell, has fought with his colleagues in the party throughhout his career in politics. He has done so with relish and resourcefulness, and though on several occasions there have been murmurings about expullsion, and about even worse things like promotion to party office, he has managed to hold on.

Marx at Warwick

A UNIQUE conference was held at Warwick University early in July. It was jointly sponsored by Ink Links, a new Marxist publishing firm in Britain, and by the Lipman Trust, a socialist education fund : associated with the annual Socialist Register Review.

The Green Paper - From sprint to marathon

THE SHORT RUN stimulus to the economy by the measures taken in the Government's first twelve months in office cannot be sustained. The illusion of abolishing rates, cutting income tax, abolishing car tax, abolishing wealth tax and cutting social insurance tax on those with low incomes, while simulltaneously increasing public expenditure, is over. By Sean D. Barrett