Planning & Environment

Eyre Square goes full circle

More than two years after it began and €7m more than predicted, Eyre Square is back in use. Michael O'Kelly reports

Africa will suffer most

Climate change caused by the world's richest countries will lead to hundreds of millions of deaths in Africa by 2100. Chris Connolly reports

Richard Kuprewicz's commentary on the Corrib report

Observations by Dr Richard Kuprewicz on the Advantica review into the proposed Corrib gas pipeline through Rossport, which was released by the Department of Communications, the Marine and Natural Resources on 3 May, 2006. Dr Kuprewicz was the author of the Accufacts report, published by the Centre for Public Inquiry in November 2005.

€1.6 million for parks in Dublin

Dublin City Council is investing €1.6 million in local parks over the coming year. The money will be spent to improve local parks in the South East of Dublin, specifically Ringsend Park and Herbert Park (pictured).


'Nothing to live for' in Bray

Local authority estates in Bray have been neglected by the State and council. The RAPID programme promised much but hasn't delivered, writes Rory Hearne

Community garden to close

A communuity garden project in Dolphin's Barn in Dublin is being forced to close up just a year after it was established. Inspired by similar projects in New York, Cork and Belfast, the garden was established in Dolphin's Barn in April 2005 on a small patch of disused land beside the Grand Canal. The land was untended and had been out of use since it was earmarked for a motorway proposal in the 1960s, but is now to be redeveloped.


Need for more RAPID regeneration

Community activitists and residents in Dublin's south inner city have been successful in their efforts to regenerate the local area. Its designation as a deprived community has brought in State resources but more are needed to address the poverty and inequality experienced by those who live there. Rory Hearne reports