Planning & Environment

Residents made to fund defence fees for their own potential claims

An estate-management company is charging residents a legal fee of €25 in order to defend any potential court cases taken against them by those same residents. Last month a resident from Castlecurragh Estate in Mulhuddart won a small claims case against Castlecurragh Property Management Company on the basis that she had paid her management fee and the company was failing to supply some of the services. She was entitled to a partial refund of her fee. The management company are now appealing the decision to the Circuit Court.

Shell survey 'loaded'

Mayo residents say they were 'hung up' on during a phone survey after expressing opposition to the Shell pipeline in Rossport. By Frank Connolly

Council refuses plans for new dump at Tara

Meath County Council has refused a planning application for a second dump near the historical Tara site in Meath. The planning application by JMP Construction Ltd of Philpotstown, Garlow Cross was for a construction- and demolition-waste recycling facility just 1,500m (4,900ft) from the Hill of Tara.

Donegal company to sue over gas decision

An Irish consortium has threatened to sue the Government after licences to explore for oil and gas off the coast of Donegal were awarded to Statoil, Shell and other foreign companies. By Frank Connolly

Syringes found in Port Tunnel soil

Work on the Alfie Byrne Road side of the Port Tunnel has been halted due to complaints from residents that soil with hazardous waste is being placed in Fairview Park.

No 'split' in Rossport Five

The Rossport Five have dismissed as "pure propaganda" a front page story in the Sunday Times on 25 July claiming that they have "split", with Brendan Philbin, one of the five, supposedly breaking away from the other four.

Dublin's Champs

From building site to boulevard, the capital's main street is finally free from builders and diggers – at least for the next five years. But their are flaws in O'Connell Street's new pedestrian-friendly design, writes Colin Murphy

Dereliction on O'Connell St: city council to blame

The Carlton site has been derelict for 27 years. In part because Dublin City Council inexplicably issued a compulsory purchase order on the site and then sought to deliver the site into the hands of a favoured developer. By Frank Connolly